With a passion for language and a belief that practice is not only essential but enjoyable, and with a belief learning should be fun, Sara offers writing workshops for both adults and children. 

For adults, Sara provides workshops focusing on creativity, spiritual gifts, journaling, and writing prayers and poems. She also would love to help you create a collection of stories for your family, what she calls “legacy writing”. 

For children, Sara’s workshops focus on creativity and imagination, combining both writing and drawing. These workshops are fun and encouraging for young creators.  

Need a unique birthday gift? Consider a workshop! 

Whether for adults or children, Sara can tailor the workshop to your needs, and workshops can be half days for full days. 

Sara also is available for weekend retreats.

Please note: Sara provides all the materials needed for her workshops, so the costs reflect these supplies, and her travel.  

For more information or to book a workshop, please contact Sara at jewellofawriter@gmail.com