SILVER MEDAL WINNER in the category of Christian Devotion at the 2023 ILLUMINATION BOOK AWARDS!

Alphabet of Faith explores what it means to live a life of faith and spirit in the 21st century in the context of Jesus’ commandment to love one another.

Weaving together faith and culture, this breathtaking book explores what it means to live a life of faith and spirit in the 21st century. It brings together 26 “words” – such as energy, justice, liminal space, and X marks the spot – that reflect the challenges and joys of living in our beautiful but broken and often brutal world.

It is unwaveringly contemporary, progressive, and thought-provoking. The pieces are written for those who say they are spiritual but not religious, for people who are or may be familiar with church but perhaps don’t attend anymore, for those who know Jesus and his teachings and are familiar with the Bible, even if they haven’t opened it in a while.

Ultimately, these 26 “words” are for questioners and doubters who believe in kindness, mercy, and justice, as well as in science, and who seek a spiritual path that is inclusive and welcoming of conversation and transformation.

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Field Notes includes forty-­one essays on the differences, both subtle and drastic, between city life and country living. From curious neighbours and unpredictable weather to the reality of roadkill and the wonders of wildlife, award-­winning narrative journalist Sara Jewell strikes the perfect balance between honest self-­examination and humorous observation.

My “pandemic project”, A Jewell of a Cookbook, is a self-published collection of stories about food and my favourite recipes.

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Published Writing

Here is a sample of Sara’s recently published writing available online. She has been publishing in newspapers and magazines since 1994.